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ITCHINO SOUND – Members of Culcha Candela

Megahits: „Hamma“, „Monsta“, „Berlin City Girl“, „Move it“, „Hope“ etc.
On stage: front man, singer and MC Mateo, as well as DJ Chino from Culcha Candela

DJ Chino and Itchy went to the same school and have known each other for half their lives (start calculating!). They have been successfully traveling with their band „Culcha Candela“ for years and have even lived together in one and the same flat share. Therefore, the next step was quite obvious: the establishment of a „sound system“!
The name of the DJ tag team is almost too true to be beautiful; „Itchino Sound“ symbolizes the perfect symbiosis of the two style monsta Itchy and DJ Chino. Their mission: The fight against boredom and dreary monotony in clubs around the globe through completely liberating „Culcha Sound“.
Sexiness is their ally, good humor is their religion; Without fear of contact, the current hip-hop club sound meets hot off-beats, and then unites with energetically pounding dancehall. The whole thing works, without foreplay, also the other way around … Your work performance: Sovereign hosting, the pumping of monsta beats, all inclusive Dance instructions and hip swings free of charge! In a refreshingly natural way, “Itchino Sound” is an eye-catcher and a point of orientation for the masses.
Every dance-mad pack is the right food for these two heat emitters. Undeterred, they allow genre boundaries to merge, here and there rocking riffs meet Caribbean rhythms, but never lose sight of their goal: collective ecstasy! The sweat begins to drip, hearts beat faster and the bass massages the core of the body. Men and women come closer. The party accelerator is „Itchino Sound“ !!!
In the digital age there are countless self-proclaimed „party monsta“ who use their respective D / C / B celebrity status to try their hand at imitating DJs. Chino and Itchy distance themselves from that. They even learned the craft with real vinyl.
„Itchino Sound“ want to be sexy with you, they want to dance and toast with you (not what you think!). They want to celebrate with you and be your friends or simply have a good time. DJ Chino and Itchy are responsible for risks and side effects, your parents for everything else

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