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Megahits: „Moonlight Shadow“, „God is a Girl“, „POISON“, „7 Years & 50 Days“, „Runaway“, „Angeline“, the Top20 Airplay Hit „SHE“, „Million Tears“, etc + Collab Re-Release: W&W and Groove Coverage „GOD IS A GIRL“ & „Moonlight Shadow“

With 20 real hits from the official sales charts from 2002 to 2009, GROOVE COVERAGE are the ONLY 2000 act with a large number of real catchy tunes, which has reached a target group of 16-50 years in the present over two decades. Regardless of whether it is a club, festival, company event, private concert or concert hall, there is no type of event that cannot be found in the busy tour calendar of singer Mell and DJ Novus.

Since 2001, Groove Coverage has been touring regularly through the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia , Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA & China.

1 Autograph and photo session for both on site
1 Meet & greet (2×2 people)
1 Video for the promotion in advance, if desired
1 Use of the DPMA brand “Heroes of the 2000s” as an event name, or additional advertising option possible.
+ Full social media support for the appointment via the social media pages.

Photos of the tour weeks:

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