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EVI GOFFIN (Former Singer of Lasgo) – LIVE


LIVE Act vocalist performance by EVI GOFFIN (Former Singer of LASGO)

EVI GOFFIN is a Belgian singer, formerly known as the lead singer of LASGO, a Belgian dance act.
She was the face of the band from 2001 ‘till 2008.

She started off her career at the age of 16, when she signed her first record deal in 1997, with A&S Productions, a division of EMI Belgium.
At age 18, she released her first single Miss You, as a featured artist together with Belgian dance act Fiocco, under the alias Medusa.
Later that year, she was asked to subscribe for the qualifying rounds to represent Belgium for the Eurovision song contest with a wildcard provided by VRT, a Belgian television channel.
The song, Into My Life, didn’t make it to the finals, but definitely put Evi out there as a singer.
The big breakthrough however wasn’t until 2001, when Evi met David Vervoort (aka Dave McCullen).
Dave was a relatively new producer at that point who had written ‘Something’, a track for which he was still looking for a singer.
He believed Evi’s voice fitted the song perfectly.
Evi and Dave got connected with Peter Luts, and LASGO was born.
After 5 years of being the front lady of Lasgo, touring across the world, participating in different international television shows, modelling for various international magazines, Evi unfortunately quit the band due to unsolvable issues with her management.

In may 2009, Evi started out as a television host for Gunk Tv, a digital channel which was provided by Telenet (a Belgian internet provider).
She hosted several shows for the channel until 2011, when Gunk Tv turned into Game Nuts, under a different management.
She has been recording different tracks with different producers ever since, and has also been doing backing vocals for various Belgian artists throughout the years.

However, since the last 3 years, Evi decided to step out of the shadow and back into the spotlights.
By picking up doing shows again and traveling across the globe under her own name, Evi Goffin, she is back on track for both national and international bookings, as well as guest appearances, hosting events and much more.

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