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Until dawn? Fuck man, the madness continues! PROJECT X was awesome but it’s time we went one better! Escalation 2.0 with a guaranteed film break is hip, because we fly in the original Project X Club Tour Team and celebrate the excessive continuation of Project X with you without any rules – and the fucking dwarf is there too!

✖✖ The sick, real Project XX midget escalates again with you
✖✖ Fat PROJECT XX sound from tour DJ Rik Harris or KayC (Electric Love Festival) NEW
✖✖ PROJECT XX MC ensures complete demolition with moshpits & Co NEW
✖✖ FESTIVAL confetti cannon where you can no longer see your hand in front of your eyes NEW
✖✖ 20sqm bouncy castle to unwind collectively
✖✖ Awesome beer pong tournament on the dance floor NEW
✖✖ We bring shitty drinking funnels with us and let it pop really NEW
✖✖ With leaf blowers NEW
✖✖ Champagne shower
✖✖ CO2
✖✖ fire show
✖✖ Cake promotion NEW
✖✖ garden gnomes
✖✖ Red Cup fairy lights
✖✖ PROJECT XX house party decoration
✖✖ PROJECT XX give-aways such as T-shirts & LED sticks NEW
✖✖ RED CUP for the first 250 guests with drink X for the whole night for XX €
✖✖ We create all layout templates for you (print, web, Facebook)
✖✖ We will create a professional video trailer for your application
✖✖ Territorial protection of your event
✖✖ Project XX trademark license for your event. We will continue to protect your event from imitators.

Optional expansion options (on top of the package price):
Car demolishing, Helium Balloons, Original Project X Film DJ (USA), Schaumarea. Neck Girls Only Area, College Girls, Pyro Show

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