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A duo becomes a trio – the successful concept since 2017 is entering a new chapter. With all RAVE HITS of the last 30 years – from 128 to 150 BPM. Get KAYC, Chris Armada and Niels van Gogh as a duo or trio at your event and experience a unique stage show with all content and special effects.

✖ 2.5 – 3.0 hours of pure rave, EDM & festival sound
✖ On Stage, depending on availability: Chris Armada and/or KAYC and/or Niels van Gogh
(Electric Love Festival, AT | Bavaria goes ZRCE, CRO | Tomorrowland, BEL)
✖ Hosting of the event
✖ Flamegun
✖ Flame jets
✖ Sparkular jets
✖ Co2 Gun
✖ Co2 fire extinguisher
✖ Stickers
✖ Visual for screens
✖ Confetti shooters
✖ Champagne Shower
✖ Stage dive with air mattress & crowd surfing
✖ Meet & Greet
✖ Raffle campaigns possible
✖ Photo session by our professional photographer
✖ Personal video ID for promotion
✖ High-quality video trailer including event and city naming
✖ All social media artwork in all formats in advance
✖ Trademark license „WELCOME TO THE RAVEPARADE“ – German word/figurative mark, registered with the German Trademark and Patent Office
 Trademark and territorial protection for your event – 
✖ We protect your event from imitators

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