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There are probably very, very few, internationally successful artists who only publish their first own single after more than 27 years of worldwide success. With the release of the single „Bad Girl“ on November 12th, 2021 DJ Novus closes this gap in his bio and discography.

DJ NOVUS, born on November 7th, 1976 in a Bavarian monastery, has been part of the creme de la creme of the international dance scene for over 20 years. But let’s start with the origins, in the mid-90s, and the rise of the German techno and trance scene.
In 1994, inspired by various Munich rave parties in the former Munich cult location, the old Munich-Riem Airport, he started his musical career in the basement of his parents‘ apartment, to the great displeasure of his parents.
With the pseudonym “Novus” (Latin meaning “new”) he quickly found a name that would fit like a fist and quickly drew the regional masses into his “hands-up celebration trance” ban at various raves . When asked by the German music broadcaster VIVA TV at the time, he generated, completely unconsciously, the name “HandzUp”, which dominated the German dance scene in the 2000s, was to become its own music genre and still has a casual influence on the productions today In cooperation with the singer Mell and his partners from Suprime Music, the project GROOVE COVERAGE (in German: Groove Versicherung), which is still successful worldwide, was founded by DJ NOVUS in the summer of 2001 and promoted to the worldwide Dance Olympus overnight, so to speak.
GROOVE COVERAGE are with a total of 20 single releases (14 x Top30 of the official German single sales charts), 4 successful studio albums, 1 best-of album, several number one placements in worldwide dance and club charts and an appearance on the Chinese offshoot of the TV format „Wetten That ?! “with over 650 million TV viewers, as well as several awards, among others. a number 1 placement in China, a platinum award in Indonesia, etc., also one of the most successful dance-pop projects in the world in 2021.
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA & China are the countries in which DJ Novus regularly drives the masses to enthusiasm. This fact has given the DJ and producer from Landshut (Bavaria) a continuous, extremely full, tour and appointment calendar since then.

„God is a girl – wherever YOU are !!!“

After more than 27 years and for the dance project, the first pandemic-related tour break, studio creativity at Novus was bubbling up and so it is now time for the 1st official DJ Novus single release, DJ Novus „Bad Girl“ , (OUT: Fri. 11/19/2021) to lay the foundation for further publications, of already completed productions.

Single Releases:
„Bad Girl“ (2021)
„Lost on You“ (2022)
„Worth the Wait“ (2022)
„Changed the Way you kiss me“ (2022)

Remixes & Feat. Projects:
DJ Novus feat. Punkrockerz „I wont forget you“ (2008)
Alex Megane „Hurrican“ (2008)
Buzzy „We are Alive!“ (2009)
Nina Stern „The Miracle of Lyoness“ (2010) – (Golden Record, Austria)
Kenny Laakkinen „25 Years“ (2013)
Linda Teodosiu „Alive“ (2017)
Estefania „Wo auch immer Du bist“ (2019)
Joey Heindle feat. DJ Novus „Wir hören nicht auf“ (2020)
Estefania „Unkaputtbar“ (2021)

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