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Megahits: „Anthem 1-6“, „Sister Golden Hair“, „Sex is Danger“, „Disco:Roller“, etc.
On Stage: DJ Cerla & MC Momo

DJ Cerla and MC Momo with an energetic DJ & MC show. ItaloDance at its best.

In the meantime, „Anthem # 3“ was released in France and promptly entered the TOP 20 sales charts. Once again Momo contributed his unique vocals. Floorfilla even managed to place in the French top 100 in the same week with all three singles. You have to imitate this first !! This was followed by 4 more singles: „Anthem # 4“, „Italodancer“, „Anthem # 5″ and the Floorfilla Megamix, all of which could be placed in the Media Control Charts.
“Anthem # 1“ became a compulsory exercise on dancefloors across Europe. It was clear that a second single had to come. DJ Cerla had the glorious idea of signing Karin, Momoss blonde dance partner from Germany, for this song. The great vocals of Karin, the hammer-like reef and a brilliant production are responsible for the success of „Anthem # 2“.Momo was just right with his hot vocals and that’s how „Anthem # 1“ came into being.
DJ Cerla and Momo alias Floorfilla are already good old acquaintances from the charts, and in France the two men are megastars! You can already prove 4 chart successions in Germany and an album with sensational sales figures. The new single „Le délire“ stays true to the Floorfilla-typical Style 4-da-Floor and gives the commercial dance floor consumer something to wear. Dancehall at its Best! The Floorfilla project was launched when French rapper and super-dancer Momo visited his friend DJ Cerla in his studio. DJ Cerla is one of the most commercially successful DJ producers in Italy and has received hits like „Rotterdam“ or „Warriors“ famous. On the stage, the mail goes down mercilessly. For his new sound, this time he needed a rapper and a good voice, which he sampled and experimented with.

1 Autograph and photo session
1 Meet & Greet (2×2 Persons)
1 vVdeo for the promotion in advance, if desired
1 Use of the DPMA brand “Heroes of the 2000s” as an event name, or additional advertising option possible.
+ Support of the appointment via the Facebook pages

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