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Megahits: „Wonderful Days“, „Free“, „Alive“, „Cold as Ice“, etc.
On Stage: Franky Tunes

Franky Tunes, a legend of German dance music, is on tour around the world with all the big hits from his Starsplash project. “Wonderful Days” (1995), one of the biggest hits of the 90s, “Free”, “Rainbow in the Sky”, “Fly away”, or even “Cold as ice” (2007) weren’t just boards on the dance floor in the 90s and 2000s, but are still golden hits today that no 90s / 00s party is missing. Franky Tunes not only led the dance floors of the world for 1 decade, but 2 golden decades of discos and Bigroom culture in Europe.

1 autograph and photo session
1 Meet & Greet (2×2 persons)
1 video for the promotion in advance, if desired
1 Use of the DPMA brand “Heroes of the 2000s” as an event name, or additional advertising option possible.
+ Support of the appointment via the Facebook pages

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