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Hits: „Ich bleib hier“, „So jung“, „Scheissegal, ich feier

90 Minutes DJ power show with the biggest hits of the 90s and 2000s, current party songs and their own hit singles, including „Scheißegal ich feier“ (+14.5 million streams) or „Ich bleib hier“ ft. Mia Julia (+14 million streams)
Own show equipment: approx. 20 XXL confetti shooters, show effects, 3 liters of Berlin air, gifts for the crowd (own merch, glow sticks, sweets)
Assistance in promoting the event (if desired): personal promo video with cats and/or personalized tour trailer
Insta/Facebook promo (if desired): posting in the event, insta graphics for repost etc.

Brief Facts:
TikTok: 1.6 million followers
Facebook: 23,000 followers
Instagram: 18,300 followers
Spotify: 430,000 monthly listeners
Over 100 shows per year in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Mallorca & Egypt

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