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Hit Singles: „So jung“, „Scheissegal, ich feier“, „Feiern ist für alle da“, „Pa Pa Party“, „Ich feier das“, „Kinder der Nacht“

90 Minutes DJ power show with the biggest hits of the 90s & 2000s, current party songs and their own hit singles, including „Scheißegal ich feier“ (+14.5 million streams) or „Ich bleib hier“ ft. Mia Julia (+14 million streams)
Own show equipment: approx. XXL confetti shooters, show effects, Berliner Luft, gifts for the crowd, own merch, glow sticks and sweets.
Assistance in promoting the event (if desired): personal promo video with cats and/or personalized tour trailer
Insta/Facebook promo (if desired): posting in the event, insta graphics for repost etc.

TikTok: 1.6 million followers
Facebook: 24,000+ fans
Instagram: 20.000+ followers
Spotify: 450,000 monthly listeners
Over 150 shows per year in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Mallorca & Egypt

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