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Hits: „Ich bleib hier“, „So jung“, „Scheissegal, ich feier

Germany’s best 90s & 2000s act and top-class entertainment.
The two Berlin cats now fill the largest event locations in the republic and have built up an enormous fan base since 2012, far beyond the Berlin city limits. So a look at the tour calendar, which is always full, is not at all surprising. Regular customers, with constant, very good visitor numbers speak a very clear language here.

What can you expect
– 120 minutes of rousing 90s and 2000s super show,
– 2 charismatic kittens with a good taste in music from the 90s and the greatest hits of the 2000s,
– a lot of confetti,
– sparklers and entertainment tools from the stage,
– the best hits of the 90s and 2000s to sing along,
– Lots of beach balls, air mattresses, caps, flags and all of that to take home with you.
– many laughing faces, who will have unforgettable memories of the evening.

The good mood factor is preprogrammed, just like the immediate re-booking request, over and over again.

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